This year is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ogden Nash, who's probably best known for his short works, which are full of whimsy and humor. Here is some good information about him and his poetry.

The short works are fun to Perl-ify. Here are a couple of weak ones from me.

# The Cow # by Ogden Nash # # The cow is of the bovine ilk; # One end is moo, the other, milk. # package cow; @ISA = qw(bovine); push @cow, 'moo'; unshift @cow, 'milk';

Here's one many will recognize:

# Reflections on Ice-Breaking # by Ogden Nash # # Candy # Is Dandy # But liquor # Is quicker. package candy; @ISA = qw(dandy); package liquor; 1;
I know people here can do much better. Add your contributions below.