Please create a new CSS class called something like 'content_container'. This is the <td> that surrounds the content on any page.

This would be applied to the td that looks like <td width="80%" valign=top> directly after the <!-- Begin main --> This enables styles that have a different background color to the color of the content areas. Already it is possible to set a background style for the nodelets (nodelet_container).

A possible definition for the class would be:

table.content_container { background-color: #FFFFFF; border: 1px solid black; margin-bottom: 12px; }


There needs to be a class associated with the tr or td that contains the ++ and -- voting. It may well be just a case of setting the tr class to 'post_body'.


There is a random <br /> tag at the top of the nodelet <td>

<!-- Begin nodelets --> <br />
Thats all for now. I've downloaded 'Everything', but it doesn't appear to relate much to the version used on perlmongers. If anyone can point me to the exact download link for this site, I'll take a look at supplying 'fixes' for these issues. Please don't just point me to this node, I need the actual tgz.