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I'm not sure I follow you. One of those nodes discusses silly acronyms, and the other discusses acronyms in common usage, and yet I thought your question was about Perlmonks-specific nodes.

Since I don't recall a discussion on the matter, here is a list of the PSAs (Perlmonks Specific Acronyms) that I know about.

AMAnomymous Monk (also known as Anonymonk, a.k.a Anomo).
CUFPCool Uses for Perl (thanks petral).
FPFront Page (as in "who FPed the SoPW on finite state automata?")
FPCfullpage chat, one way of keeping up with the CB.
NNNewest Nodes
NtCNodes to Consider
obfuobfuscation. (ybiC is quite correct in pointing out that this is an abbreviation, not an acronym. And it isn't specific only to Perl Monks for that matter)...
OPOriginal Post or Original Poster. For instance, diotalevi might reply about how it would be possible to walk the op-code tree and reassign lexical pads on the fly, to which adrianh will reply "yeah, but the OP just asks how to format a number to 2 decimal places".
PMDPerlmonks Discussion
SoPWSeekers of Perl Wisdom
SPScratchpad/Scratch Pad (depending on how one spells it)
TMGThe Monastery Gates

(/msg me if you know of others...)

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