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I am trying to find out if there are any modules that have been built that handle input via telephone touch tones.

I have written a script that grabs info from various places across the net and throws it all into an html document for me to display. Weather, national and local news, things like that. I also am working on modifying some code I found for controlling X-10 devices.

My brainstorm this morning (while waiting for programs to install on various machines here at the office on a Saturday) is to have a script monitor a phone line at home that is only used for dial out. If away from my house I would like to dial in and have the script answer and just wait for a passcode input via touch tones. I could then enter (using touchtones again) certain codes that would allow me to access my X-10 scripts, maybe grab one of my weather forecast grabs and read it back to me, etc.

Two things I look for help on:

1. Any pointers to info about perl answering an incoming call and parsing touch tones?

2. Any information about getting one of the voice modules to 'speak' out through the phone line instead of the standard audio out?

Also, my current stuff runs on a windows machine. Modules / script that works there would be easiest. If needed though I can move it to a Mandrake box. I just have not done any serial in/out coding on linux at all.

Thanks in advance!