Shift, Pop, Unshift and Push with Impunity!, by lhoward, is arguably one of the finest posts to be seen here and is clearly the sort of posts we would love to see more of.

What's going to happen a year or two from now if|when this site gets really huge? I can see several thousand monks voting every day and posts getting scores of +/- 300 points. A few Monks who were around during the "Good Ol' Days" may remember lhoward's article, but it may only have a measly reputation of 51 (as of this writing) compared to poorer quality posts in the future who may get a rep of 150 just for saying thanks!

Okay, I know it's not fair for me to gripe without trying to take a stab at a solution. How about some system where reputation is compared to the number of monks (and perhaps weighting the votes of higher level monks heavier) is developed? I really can't think of a totally fair system as this is just off the top of my head, but I suspect that the aforementioned article will likely do well for a long time if we compare votes received to the number of monks.

What would be a fair way of addressing this and how should it be implemented?


P.S. On a related note, the current XP system may not hold up with 10 times the number of monks. Can you just see someone logging in for the first time, making an interesting post, and shooting up to level 4 in one day because so many monks enjoyed their post?