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From the subject line I expected a conversation on hijacking content, possibly RSS or other news feed issues, copyright arguments, maybe even allusions to the U.S. entertainment industry trying, with vehement avarice, to technologically block any re-recording of anything (lol), and other things... :|

Instead, I can't tell if you are a merchant that is somehow being disintermediated by your own reseller or what - even though you're still making the sale. I'm confused. If you're still making the sale and collecting the payment, I don't get it. Has someone pre-empted your front end? Why would they do that? If you're being targeted and your site hijacked that's different.

If you have soft content, news or other written content, that someone is scraping and calling their own either by redisplaying on their own site, this is a different matter - a legal one without good Perl-specific solutions.

Did you state your problem exactly - or is this a drill?

Update: just read your follow up.

The tech tactics are being listed by others (dynamic session id's per page call, dynamic field names, etc.) In an ideal world all session mgmt and user authentication would be application level with high granularity - down to each page or function call from the client, every time a request arrives. I know of no current solution, Perl or otherwise, that solves this completely. Would love to see one though.

On the other front from your example, I have had this exact experience 2 times. All the technology solutions in the world won't stop someone who relentlessly intends this fraud. You have to detect them, copy the fraudulent material, get witnesses - do whatever your lawyer tells you to do about the copyright violation (and hope it's domestic). In one of my experiences, a simple email solved it. The other got a little warmer...