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Update 3: (Their gonna make a movie of this If I can only reduce the script a bit.)

The only way that I have found to get a convienient link to either my scratchpad edit or view screens on my front page is to send myself a /msg from the CB with the link I want and then dont clear the msg...that way they float at the top of the CB. I do it like this:

/msg BrowserUK [pad://BrowserUK|View pad] /msg BrowserUK [ +=171588|Edit pad]

update 4:Even better. Put both, or even 3 or four such links in one message (and keep the |..] bit short) and it takes less space!

Hookey, but they work!

Of course he, who shall remain nameless, probably know a way to do this using a stern glance and mental telepathy....but I won't bug him cos I know he is very busy.

If anyone else knows a better way than this, please chime in any time now...