in reply to GOTO considered (a necessary) evil?

Well, if I had to remove the goto, I would rewrite it as:
{ eval { tie %session, 'Apache::Session::MySQL', $session, { Handle => HH::DB->db_Main, LockHandle => HH::DB->db_Main } }; if ($@) { if ($@ =~ /^Object does not exist/) { $session = undef; redo; } else { print $cgi->header; die_nice('Database Error', 'Unable to connect at this time +'); } } }
But a redo (just like next and last is just a glorified goto. People who just balk at any sight of a goto have at best heard about Dijkstra's article Go To Considered Harmful (which wasn't titles bij Dijkstra, but by Hoare), but never read the paper, or not understood it. Dijkstra just warns that goto can easily lead to unstructured programs, he doesn't say it's evil all the time.

Knuth has also written about this subject, in his Structured Programming with the Go To statement. His view is less far away from Dijkstra as that the titles suggest.