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I don't like any of them (I've been trying (off and on) and failing to find a good standard for this type of thing for a long time). But I really don't like hiding the operators on the end. And I don't like adding extra parens just to "show precendence" (my eye can't match nested parens nearly as well as it can notice variations in spacing).

So now I try to line things up by precendence with the operator in front. I always put two spaces around logical expressions so I can put single spaces within them.

if( defined $settings && ! $setttings->{hidecode} and $codtype{ $node->{nodetype} } or $node->{code} || containscode( $node->{doctext} ) # ^1 ^2 ^3 ) {
So the 'arguments' to 'and' line up above "^1", the arguments to 'or' above "^2" and the arguments to '||' above "^3". I think I've finally found a standard for this that I like. (:

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