I just happened to stumble upon something in the Monastary that I would like to share. You know that little Search box we have at the top of the screen? Yes, the one where we can type in some search terms and receive some results that seem to match our interests. Now, if you haven't already noticed, it is possible to enter a node ID in the search box as well, and it will bring you to the appropriate node.

For example, typing "6608" into the search box brings you to my home node (ie: mt2k's homenode ID = 6608). I decided to try it to see if it would work, so I typed "id://6608" into the search box. No go, you get the "Sorry nothing like that was found" response.

So my proposition is this: would it be possible to allow all of the general linking mechanisms we have here at the Monastary to be used in the search box? That way, we could enter "id://6608" into the searchbox and get there. This may seem redundant since we can just enter a node id without the id:// part. But conflicts exist (where a particular node id is also a user's username or something similar. My real main reason for wanting this is to facilitate navigating to users' notepads. It would be great to be able to type "pad://6608" in the searchbox and get to my pad in a snap.

Just imagine the additional power the simple Search Box could give us :)

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Re: Linking Methods For Searchbox?
by BrowserUk (Patriarch) on Jul 11, 2002 at 09:43 UTC

    I too would like a quick way of getting to my pad. I've tried to find a way of adding a link to it from my Personal Nodelet, but the best I have come up with a link to the scratch pad viewer. It's quicker than homenode/edit user details, but a way of placing a direct link would be useful.

    Update:Ok. Now I've spoken publicly, I worked out that if I check the "modify personal nodelet" checkbox and type "[pad://BrowserUk|My pad]" into the "add" edit box, click "Submit", I get what I wanted.

    Update to update: It doesn't work. I swear it did, but now it doesn't. Maybe I am simply dillusional.

    Anyone know of an abbottoire going cheap?

      Hmm, I can't get this to work at all... I've tried it with and without the braces.

      Do you have to achieve a certain level before you can use this?

        I don't know for sure, but I doubt if it is a "level" related feature. The square brackets [] are a must (if thats what you meant by "braces"), the ""'s are not.

        And you are trying this at the bottom of your "Change your user settings." from your home page?

        Anyone know of an abbottoire going cheap?

      Update 3: (Their gonna make a movie of this If I can only reduce the script a bit.)

      The only way that I have found to get a convienient link to either my scratchpad edit or view screens on my front page is to send myself a /msg from the CB with the link I want and then dont clear the msg...that way they float at the top of the CB. I do it like this:

      /msg BrowserUK [pad://BrowserUK|View pad] /msg BrowserUK [ +=171588|Edit pad]

      update 4:Even better. Put both, or even 3 or four such links in one message (and keep the |..] bit short) and it takes less space!

      Hookey, but they work!

      Of course he, who shall remain nameless, probably know a way to do this using a stern glance and mental telepathy....but I won't bug him cos I know he is very busy.

      If anyone else knows a better way than this, please chime in any time now...

Re: Linking Methods For Searchbox?
by rah (Monk) on Jul 12, 2002 at 02:43 UTC
    I concur. A quick link to a monks scratchpad would be a huge convenience. pad://6608 or better yet pad://m2tk.