in reply to HTTP::Daemon and SSL

According to the manual page for HTTP::Daemon it uses a IO::Socket::INET object that gets blessed into the daemon class. I looked at the code, and aside from force-setting Listen and Proto arguments before handing off to the parent class' constructor, this is the case.

According to the manual page for IO::Socket::SSL, it too is an almost straight sub-class of IO::Socket::INET. Thus, it should in theory be possible to create an object of the IO::Socket::SSL class, bless it into HTTP::Daemon manually, and use it as an ordinary daemon object. I say in theory because the SSL class manpage warns that it doesn't have the full set of methods provided for just yet, so if the HTTP::Daemon class happens to try to use one of the few that aren't available, chaos may well ensue. But it is certainly worth a try.

I myself would be interested to hear about your results, as I've been meaning to try my RPC::XML::Server class out with SSL underneath.