in reply to files saved in unicode are not being read correctly

Try Unicode::Map:
NAME Unicode::Map V0.112 - maps charsets from and to utf16 uni code SYNOPSIS use Unicode::Map(); $Map = new Unicode::Map("ISO-8859-1"); $utf16 = $Map -> to_unicode ("Hello world!"); => $utf16 == "\0H\0e\0l\0l\0o\0 \0w\0o\0r\0l\0d\0!" $locale = $Map -> from_unicode ($utf16); => $locale == "Hello world!"
you could then write something like this to read your unicode file (if it is utf16):
use strict; use Unicode::Map; my $Map = new Unicode::Map({ ID => "ISO-8859-1" }); while (<>) { print $Map->from_unicode($_); }

---- kurt