in reply to Would Perl be a good choice for converting MS Access files to PDF

Heh! Any question beginning "Would Perl be a good choice for" is going to get a 'yes'!

Seriously, though. I don't know anything about the MS Access side, but I have been grappling a bit with creating PDFs from database output. I think you would find the module PDF::Create very useful. I've found that it has everything I need for outputting typical reports in PDF format, either as a file, or as on-the-fly sent to a web browser.

If you are "not very technical" you may feel "surely there must be an easier way than learning how to use a module" - if you do think that, I can assure you from bitter experience, you're wrong! The learning curve is not too steep.

One other piece of advice might be to have a go with PDF::Create and any other recommendations and then, when you've got a bit of code, even if it doesn't do everything you want, come back and ask further advice. Monks can help better if there's something to bite on.

George Sherston