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Very boring and unimaginative here - Wil is my real first name.

Of course this is short for Wiliam. I only have one L in my name, however, as this is the Welsh spelling. It's actually a pretty unique name as most people have already nabbed the William' and the Will' but I often find that I'm the only Wil (with one L) on many sites, and systems. Although this is not my CPAN name as CPAN quibbles if you try and register a PAUSE userid that is less than 4 characters :-\

- wil

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Re: (wil) Re: Name Space
by belg4mit (Prior) on May 27, 2002 at 22:39 UTC
    You are not alone, Wil ;-)

    perl -pew "s/\b;([mnst])/'$1/g"