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Okay, this has just been annoying me for the last half hour here. Say I have a URL with a query string attached:

Now say I want to remove everything from the '?' on, to get:

After enough frustration, I tested the following regex on the same URL with a HREF NAME ending the URL instead of a query string. Yep, I made it look SO obvious as to what I was trying to do. I didn't use anything fancy, and this could look a lot better. I even added the /gs for extra strength!

$url =~ s/(.*?)#(.*?)/$1/gs;

Now guess what? That works fine... when it is a '#' instead of a '?'. Now, if that above code works, shouldn't the following regex work for a URL with a query string attached?:

$url =~ s/(.*?)\?(.*?)/$1/gs;

See look, I even backslashed the '?' there... and guess what? This doesn't work now! I also tried removing the backslash, which (obviously) did not help the situation one bit.

So am I missing something here or is this some kind of issue with the regex engine? Many thanks ahead of time...