in reply to html/file security cgi [revisited]

Okay, I just have a few things to say here...:

  1. Yes, I approved this node when it seems that no one else would. Why? Because if you would look, this is only his 1st post here on perlmonks. This is also his 2nd script as a scripter, and if you ask me, it's not so bad! Maybe insecure, could use a few modules instead of some of that code, makes the screen width a little huge, and could use a general clean up, but that's no reason to put him to -20 (before I ++ him)!
  2. Since when are we so harsh on people new to the perl language? Are we trying to keep the language to ourselves by discouraging others from attempting to learn it? I say bravo Uber! I wish I had been able to create such a script (even if it does need work) on my second try at the language. I believe my first script was a 3-liner or something!
  3. I would like to welcome you to the site UberDragon13 and to the Perl language. I sincerely hope that you are not discouraged by what some people have told you here. Programming is fun and I think that everyone has a right to try it out and learn it! I'd like to see the second script written by those that criticized your skills. Bet theirs weren't so great either.
  4. Like the others (the nicer people) have suggested, do some reading up on some of those modules and learn how they can make life much easier.

There, that's my 10000 cents.