Hey all,

As I awoke this morning to the lovely sound of my alarm clock, it disturbed a dream in which I was doing some code development for my University in Perl. For some odd reason, I found myself wishing I could program my alarm clock - people want weird things when they're sleepy and whatnot.

As much as I hate to admit it, this isn't the first time I've dreamt about the language - but it's the only language that's really gotten into my mind at points aside from C.

Another oddity is that in my dream, I solved a piece of code I'd been fighting the day before - once I got up, I wrote out the code, and have spent part of the day interpreting sleepy scrawl into lovely CGI.

Back in my hardcore MUD developer days, once in awhile I'd dream up a new MUD spell, including a little C code for the MUD's codebase (a mesh of Merc and Diku, available at last I checked).

I'm curious if any other Monks have had sleepy meditations about code, and if so, has it actually been something productive? =)