in reply to on wasted votes ...

I try to totally ignore my vote quota as much as possible. If I see a node which makes me nod agreement, even better makes me see the light, or makes me engage my mind in thoughtfulness I'll hit the '++' button before the silly smile has faded.

If I see a node which makes me wince and go 'Ugh.. bad advice' I have no real qualms about hitting that '--', often ++'ing the replies correcting it too.

What when I run out of votes and still want to vote? I note the ID's down and come back. Today I've had a lazy day and as a result have trudged through a lot of very old nodes, and as a result I'm out of votes. Tomorrow I shall do (at last count..) seven votes on nodes. The day after I may not have time to really read too much so won't spend all my votes, or maybe even any.

Vote when you want to, don't think you have to.