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This is a very good idea! I may be able to do what I need to do in Perl as a sys admin, but I am very, very, extremely new when it comes to real software development procedures.

Since there is more to programming than typing code, we could have a realistic programmers section, with issues that must be faced in the real world. These issues would include time table assessment, packaging, and other issues that are part of a development process, each with a perl view.

Anyone have any views?

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RE: RE: Perl Projects
by infoninja (Friar) on May 31, 2000 at 18:21 UTC
    Hear hear! I'd love to see the kind of stuff you mention re: a realistic programmers section, especially on the topic of time table best rule of thumb for timetable calculation is "multiply the first estimate by something between 1.5 and 2" ;^)

      I am looking for a projects area of PerlMonks. So far, this discussion is the existent of what I've found on the subject.

      I am fascinated by, and very enthusiastic about, a peer to peer search engine I came across (YaCy). But I don't know Java.

      I love Perl, of course.

      I just came home from the Harvard coop book store with several heavy books on Java, but what I feel inclined to do is to create a Perl version of YaCy.

      It will be a rather huge undertaking, that could take years. First of all, I have to learn Java, which I've never had much interest in before. I'm only learning it to figure out how YaCy works, and decide if the project is actually feasible.

      I thought posting about the project, and giving occasional progress reports here might be worthwhile and interesting. I'm just wondering if there might not be a special area of PerMonks for that sort of thing. It isn't necessarily a collaborative project, but I suppose it could be, if anyone else was interested.

      I'll keep looking, but, finding no indicator of the existence of such an area, on this rather old thread suggests the search may be futile.

      Should I just start a new thread, or is PerlMonks an appropriate place for such a thing?

        PerlMonks might be a good place to discuss your ideas or attract collaborators. If you have questions, post under SoPW, if you just want to share ideas or progress, Meditations or Perl News come to mind. Creation of a new PerlMonks section is highly improbable.

        Reddit's perl community might be another place where you can get feedback.

        As for the actual development, I'd recommend GitHub (or any other similar version control service).

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