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I made a Flashlight program.

#! Perl use vars qw($on $pwrlvl); use strict; my $on = "no"; my $pwrlvl = "3"; my $fl = "Flashlight"; print "You are holding a flashlight. What will you do? \n"; print "(TurnOn, TurnOff, Flash, ChangePowerLevel, ExitProgram)\n"; print "/Status Checks/=\\ pwrlvl, ison \\\n"; while(<STDIN>) { chomp; if (/^Change/) { print "Enter Level: "; chomp (my $lvl=<STDIN>); print $fl->ChangePowerLevel("$lvl"); print "\n"; } elsif (/^(exit|q|end|x|quit)/i) { exit; } else { print $fl->$_ ."\n"; } } { #1 package Flashlight; sub TurnOn { $on = "yes"; return "The light is on."; } sub TurnOff { $on = "no"; return "Light is now off."; } sub Flash { if ($on eq "no") { return "A flash of light beams through the air!"; } else { return "The flashlight is on already."; } } sub ChangePowerLevel { my $class = shift; my $level = shift; $pwrlvl = $level; return "The Power level is set at $pwrlvl"; } sub pwrlvl { return "Power is at $pwrlvl"; } sub ison { return "Is it on? Well, $on"; } }
It has everything but the battery power, which will be easy to implement in a few minutes when I find time.

Commands: ison, pwrlvl, ChangePowerLevel, TurnOn, TurnOff, Flash

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