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in thread RFC refactoring is definitely been better than what most new programmers could write on the first try.

Now, that's an understatement.

But by the same token, it would be easier for most people to write their own CGI handler,


MIME parser,

Even more crap,

browser isolation layer,

still more crap,

and formatting system

We're reaching the limit of the sewage system here, folks.

than to figure out

This (one of the worst posts I have seen on Perlmonks (--) rehashes all the arguments put out by stubborn newbies who for some reason nobody can fathom insist on reinventing the wheel every time instead of using good code written by someone else. Witness all those people who refuse to use File::Find and File::Copy. Why, why, why, why?

Sorry about the rant and the strong language but this is a pet peeve of mine. I feel I made no progress in learning Perl until I started to use its features and modules rather than try to use it as some sort of complex version of C.

Helgi Briem