Hi, Anonymous Saint here. Anonymous because I don't wan't anyone to vote for this node. Instead, go ye to the Tutorials and/or Reviews and review them. All of them if you can. As a daily affirmation, make a point to review one a day. Feel free to vote ++ if you like it. Feel free to add a comment if you know it will correct, enhance, or maybe even make the subject clearer. Most of these are under 75 XP, and many really deserve a much higher rating (especially the OO tutorials). They don't deserve higher ratings because the authors deserve more XP, they derserve higher ratings because the authors took time and used energy to write them (well, most of the authors).

Some of these are 100+ ... at any rate - make it a point to have voted on all of them (or chose to abstain) within a time frame that works best for the amount of votes you have per day. Level 2? Review one every week. Are you saint? Make sure have reviewed all of them within 3 days. (actually, I hope I am saying this needlessly to a saint.)

Let's show some deserved appreciation for those who have given knowledge to the community. I am not saying that you should blindly vote ++ on all of them, I just wish that everyone would take the time to review all of them.

Thank you.