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Hmm...I think you meant to say C++ here. C doesn't give you that kind of flexibility; however, C++ does.
#include <stdio.h> int main ( int iArgC, char * apsqArgV[] ) { printf ( "Hello, world! This is cygwqin speaking.\n" ); { char szMsg[] = "Not so!"; printf ( "Now inside scope, msg is %s.\n", szMsg ); } return ( 0 ); // Success is zero in Windows. }
This is the kind of scope that I was talking about. The char array szMsg is declared at the start of the scope; this code compiles and runs correctly under CygWin (Win98).

You may have been talking about the following:

void FooBar ( void ) { int iBeer, iVodka; float fCredit = 20.0; .. /* Code here */ iBeer++; fCredit -= 2.50; .. /* More code */ char *apszVarious[]; /* ILLEGAL in C */ }
I will grant that this kind of variable declaration is valid in Perl but not valid in C.

--t. alex

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