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Warning: Slightly OT rant, branching from this node =)

The alternative to your InsertMultipleValues() could have been a barebones sub that did only what you needed it to at the time of writing. Worse yet, it could have done so poorly.

Bad Programming.

I have the unfortunate task of working on a lot of code that uses Bad Programming, and cuts every corner possible. In the nine months I have spent with my current company, 90% of my time has been spent fixing or extending bad code.

Enters stage-left: Management
To make matters worse, when tasked with a new addition to the multitude of systems, I block out code and submit a proposal to my barely-technically-adept PHB.
"But that's not in the specs for what we need right now! There's no reason to make this a module, just tack it into the end of program XYZ. We do have to pay you for this time you spend, you know!", he'll spout.

/me sighs.

I'm left to make my successors' lives equally as miserable as mine has been.
*Shrug* ... But what do I know, I'm "just a programmer". He (project manager) has more Industry Experience.

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