in reply to interpolation with filetest operators

Without resorting to string eval everytime you could use a dispatch table to do this:

{ # compile each test once... my %file_test = map { $_ => eval "sub { -$_ \$_[0] }" } qw(r w x o R W X O e z s f d l p S b c t u g k T B M A C); sub FileCheck { my($file,$perm,$badness) = @_; die "invalid file test" unless exists $file_test{$perm}; unless ($file_test{$perm}->($file)) { if ($badness eq 'die') { die "\nError (fatal) accessing $file: $!"; } elsif ($badness eq 'warn') { warn "\nError (non-fatal) accessing $file: $!"; } } } }

This also makes it relatively simple to create "new" filetests, should you want to...

If you use eval "-$perm... I would advise checking $@ to see if you had an invalid filetest requested.

update: added $_ => so it works. Much apologies. (Also s/exsits/exists/)