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As I said, the structure of the other file is same..
Here is another file anyway
<A id="a1"> <B id="b2"> <C id="c1"> <D>d1</D> <D>d2</D> </C> <C id="c2"> <D>d3</D> </C> </B> <B id="b3"> <C id="c1"> <D>d1</D> <D>d2</D> </C> <C id="c2"> <D>d3</D> </C> </B> </A> <A id="a2"> <B id="b4"> <C id="c1"> <D>d1</D> <D>d2</D> </C> <C id="c2"> <D>d3</D> </C> </B> <B id="b5"> <C id="c1"> <D>d1</D> <D>d2</D> </C> <C id="c2"> <D>d3</D> </C> </B> </A>
Where I would look for libxml? on my system..
I have hard time installing XML::Parser on my system mainly due to expat.
I would appriciate, if someone can put steps to install XML::Parser locally with 'exact' example.
Thanks, Artist