in reply to It has been suggested to rename Perl 6 in order to boost its marketing potential. Which name would you prefer?

Why Perl 6?

I've been very happy with Perl since 2000. Name Perl 6 'Swine'. We know all fine Perls are before Swine. Will anybody use Perl 6? I'd say we are already on Perl 7, aka Python 3.6. Perl 6 lost the battle to Python 2.7. Perl 6 took too long, and seems to be a committee-made mess along the lines of Vista. Who needs it? Why?

Either explain why Perl 6 is needed, or rethink the whole concept of what a new Perl would do. Where is the great, dramatic improvement? What are the truly fantastic new features we can't live without? Today, the main Perl use is legacy code, and mainly older programmers still use Perl. Fix that. How? Just steal the coolest ideas from Python. If that's done, Perl will still be Perl and it will have the best of Python goodies in it too. Python peeps will like Perl more, since it will feel familiar.

JAVA skipped version 7 for similar reasons. At this point, best to skip Perl 6 and rethink what the next Perl mission is.