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"...2 sub's parallel in perl"

Consider something like this totally useless little sketch:

#!/usr/bin/env perl use strict; use warnings; use threads; use MCE::Hobo; use Data::Dump; use feature qw(say); use constant AMOUNT => 0; my $shared = MCE::Shared->hash(); my $nose = MCE::Hobo->new( \&nose, "cuke" ); my $foo = MCE::Hobo->new( \&foo, "bar" ); # $nose->join; # $foo->join; MCE::Hobo->wait_all(); my $hash_ref = $shared->export; dd $hash_ref; say $shared->{nose}; say $shared->{foo}; sub nose { sleep AMOUNT; $shared->set( nose => shift ); } sub foo { sleep AMOUNT; $shared->set( foo => shift ); } __END__

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