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I am maintainer of a CPAN distribution whose most recent official release is version 2.12.

Since 2.12 was published, we have made the following development releases:

2.12_001 2.12_002 2.12_003 2.12_004
In the git repository, we have tags for:
2.12_002 2.12_003 2.12_004
(Somehow 2.12_001 was overlooked or has not yet been set.)

I now realize that much of the code (mostly tests, but some source) added in 2.12_003 and 2.12_004 is conceptually flawed. For other developers and myself to treat 2.12_004 as the starting point for future development would not be fruitful.

What I would like to do is to go back to 2.12_002 and start development anew from there -- but without pretending that 2.12_003 and 2.12_004 were never released. I would like 2.12_005 to be equivalent to 2.12_002 but with only very safe, minor touchups.

Would the following be the recommended sequence of git commands?

$ git checkout master $ git checkout -b start-anew $ git reset --soft 2.12_002 $ git commit -m "Rewind to tag 2.12_002" # hack, hack, hack $ git add ... $ git commit -m "Slight touchups to what was 2.12_002" $ git checkout master $ git merge start-anew $ git tag "2.12_005"
Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan