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I've broken this down to a minimal case:
package MyApp; use Dancer2; use Dancer2::Plugin::DBIC; use Dancer2::Plugin::Auth::Extensible; our $VERSION = '0.1'; get '/test' => require_login sub { my $user = logged_in_user; return "Hi there, $user->{username}"; }; true;
And here's the config I'm working from:
appname: "MyApp" layout: "main" charset: "UTF-8" template: template_toolkit engines: template: template_toolkit: start_tag: '<%' end_tag: '%>' PLUGIN_BASE: 'Template::Plugin::Pagination' session: DBIC: dsn: dbi:Pg:dbname=my_app schema_class: MyApp::Schema user: starman password: ***** plugins: DBIC: default: dsn: dbi:Pg:dbname=my_app schema_class: MyApp::Schema user: starman password: ***** options: AutoCommit: 1 AutoInactiveDestroy: 1 PrintError: 0 RaiseError: 1 Auth::Extensible: realms: users: provider: 'DBIC' users_resultset: 'User' roles_resultset: 'Role' user_roles_resultset: 'UserRole'

When I navigate to /test, I get the login page.
When I enter an invalid username and password, I get the error "LOGIN FAILED" message.
When I enter a correct username and password, the login page appears to refresh, with the URL changed - each time the return_url query string is prefixed withan extra %25%2F. Eg, after a couple of loads, it looks like this:


I guess I have 2 questions - (1) Why isn't it now displaying the /test route, and (2) Is there anyway I can set up my config so I don't have to repeat the DBIC login data.

I've been going round in circles on this all day. It's probably a stupid typo somewhere. Any ideas?