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Dear Monks,
I am following the community for many years now and I program in Perl. The forum has helped me a lot (although stupidly I have mainly posted so far as "Anonymous" but I will change that from now on).
I wanted to post a somehow philosophical question to all of you : How did you become good in programming? I mean, if I take myself for example, I am self-taught (I come from Biology background and need to code for my Phd in bioinformatics), so I was not taught programming in a "proper" way.
So, what would you advise me? I mean, yes I know the commands and structures in Perl, but what I clearly miss is the intuition that "ah, now I have to do this" or this (amazing) regular expressions that many fellow-Monks have given me over the years and I, not only find it difficult to even understand what they are doing, but would never even think of using the various expressions together...
Do you think it is just a matter of practice? Experience? Or could I be helped somehow to get this intuition of when to use what?
Thank you!