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Hello perlmonks! I need some advice, I got this file:
Rank Gene Symbol Definition Clusters Enriched Clusters Interactors Drugs Fold Change Pvalue

1 IL1B interleukin 1 beta 11 10 1 21 1.6227 0.0112

2 PSMD6 proteasome 26S subunit, non-ATPase 6 7 7 10 0 0.6027 0.0300

and I want to write another file with only the names of genes(Gene Symbol).
My code:
#!usr\bin\perl -w open HUBFILE,"1048_undefined.tsv"; @hub=(); while(my $line = <HUBFILE>){ if($line=~m/\d \t (\w+) \t \.+/g){ push(@hub,$1); } }close HUBFILE; open OUT,">hubs.txt"; print OUT "HUB:$hub[0]\n"; close OUT;
I'm new in programming and trying to learn perl for biology.