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Hello Monks, I am working on a module which is based on client-server socket model such that

client –-->tries to connect to particular server (socket) if ( fails) then client--→ transfers a tar file and a script to the server machin +e this script untar the folder and runs on the remote server m +achine
I have achieved this functionality but only issue is the above server runs in while(1) hence when I launch the on remote server from client , my client gets hanged so I have to give a ctrl+Z to make run in the background and start the client again. This is causing some hiccups in my module ( basically it is desired to just launch one script which in turn will do everything for you). I have tried nohup command & but of no use. I haven’t shared the code as it is huge , and I want you guys to make explain what exactly I am doing. I can share the code if need be , please help