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Hi fellow Perlmonks! I am currently having fun with Net::SFTP::Foreign. I am modifying a deamon which monitors a directory and automatically uploads files via sftp to a server. If there are multiple files, the deamon forks a child process for every file and transfers them in parallel.
Now I want to do some better error handling. Wenn a transfer aborts, I want to print the number of bytes which were transferred. I can quite get this to STDOUT with the "more => -v" option.
my $sftp = Net::SFTP::Foreign->new(host =>$host, user => $user, key_pa +th => [$privkey, $pubkey] , more => '-v'); [... debug output ...] Transferred: sent 32700048, received 60544 bytes, in 1.6 seconds Bytes per second: sent 20997978.1, received 38877.7 [... more debug output ..]
My first approach was, to grep that output for the "Transferred" line. While this does work, that seems a bit overkill.
I also tried utilizing the callback function of sftp->put like this:
my $BYTES = 0; $sftp->put( "testfile", "testfile", cleanup => 1, callback => sub { my ( $sftp, $data, $offset, $size ) = @_; print $offset ." of ". $size ." bytes copied\n"; last_bytes($offset); + } ); print "\nTransferred $BYTES bytes\n"; + sub last_bytes { my ($bytes) = @_; $BYTES = $bytes; }

However this is giving me a hard time, as I would have to track a variable per child I fork.

In contrast, WWW::Curl has a method for getting the number of transferred bytes:

$curl->getinfo( CURLINFO_SIZE_UPLOAD );
I hope I am not missing something from the documentation for getting the transferred bytes from Net::SFTP::Forerign.... Any Ideas? I get the feeling I am nearly there with the callback-solution...

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