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I need a bit of help, usually for bulk replacement of a word in a bunch of files I do something like this

perl -pi -e 's/junk/replace/g' *.c

but i need to be able to put a conditional || on the search without clobbering, I'm updating old C files to C11 type generic. there are a lot of type specific qualifiers that i want to replace with generic

for example
generic float dbl long cfloat c dbl cmplx long atanh atanhf atanh atanhl catanhf catanh catanhl

so in general i need to check for suffixes and prefixes at the same time otherwise the search term will clobber the previous search.

i need to put a conditional in the search like this
perl -pi -e 's/c$tgt || c$tgtf || c$tgtl || $tgtf || $tgtl /$tgt/g' *. +c

where $tgt is the replacement string, for example

$tgt = tanh

i need to search and replace the following

tanhf  tanhl ctanhf ctanh ctanhl

but i get a complete mess out as the command still recurses and substitutes.

as well as the tricky one to replace 'rint' as it will conflict with printf

these old files have no spaces between operators but i'll space it out

exa=cexpl ( ccosl (arg), csinl ( arg) ) * cabsl (arg2) + csqrtl ( carg +l(arg3) + csqrtl(cargl(arg4) * cargl(arg5) + cargl (arg5) * cargl(arg +5));
result would be
exa = exp( cos(arg) , sin(arg) ) * fabs(arg2)+ sqrt(carg(arg3) + sqrt( +carg(arg4)*carg(arg5)+carg(arg5)*carg(arg5));