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Sure, I do wish that people around here had a bit more social graces sometimes, but all that’s beside the point.
No that is exactly the point. As a community we have to adopt a strategy where we are empathetic to the views of newcomers and minority view holders. Social Graces cannot be discounted just because somebody feels its not important for them.

In terms of getting what you came here for ... high-quality answers, fast, and here’s a bunch of source-code too ... PM stands above.
So what are you trying to imply, that other language forums dont have the same response quotient ?

Perl typically does not attract the interests of kids fresh out of school. It does attract people who need to haul “revenue freight,” and who’ve probably been doing that for their employers for decades.
And there are a multitude of reasons for that. Perl cannot be taught in curriculum except as part of the Web Programming clique. Thats how i got introduced to it.The only way to teach perl at the school level is to develop perl based apps for schools and colleges, and spread the message there. That is exactly what i have been trying to do for the past two years in my country.

And as far as what you say about “corporate entity,” the Perl language is probably earning a billion dollars around the world every day.It’s rugged, robust, fast, versatile, and ... quirky.
So is every other language. in fact Perl is the least in terms of adoption by corporates like Google. I have the facts to prove it.

Its CPAN contributed library is exemplary.
I think we are preaching to the choir here. Everybody knows the importance of CPAN and the contribution to the development of the Perl community. And corporations, among others, clearly don’t need to be told this.
I have just incorporated a startup and we are finding it challenging to advocate perl as the choice of language to customers, but that's not the dissuading factor for us, its the lack of appreciation for anybody who does not conform to the majority view in any discussion.

The Great Programmer is one who inspires others to code, not just one who writes great code
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