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Do punch cards count as digital media? Finally got rid of the last of those when I was cleaning house making room for my dad to move in.

There are several mag tape reels in my one closet, some DC100 tapes of various types, 5-inch floppies, 3-inch floppies, a couple of 8-inch floppies and some zip drives.

That's the digital stuff

I have a book on Unix internals that dates back to sometime before I started working at Bell Labs in 1989, The Zen and Art of USENET, a book on how the USENET backbone is connected, a book from (3M? Xerox?) about "Ethernet."

One of my favorite possessions (well worn and marked on) is Volume I Issue 1 of Byte Magazine.

All sorts of magazines dating back to the beginnings of the microprocessor revolution. I may even have the original plans for an Intel 8008 based computer which was my first real computer project.

I might even still have my book on Fortran IV from when I was in High School. I tossed my COBOL book deciding I'm never going to look at that horrible language ever again.

Memories... lots of them...

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