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I've spent weeks learning perl at my job, but I feel like it isn't enough to really learn it. I would say I'm still a noob, but I know the basics, I've written a couple projects around 500-900 lines involving parsing and spreadsheets, I've written/ copy pasted, changed probably at least 100 little scripts. My job uses perl, but pretty much has everything it needs coding wise so they might need the very occasional debugging or modifying of scripts. Perl is actually my first programming language, hasn't been easy learning perl as my first. I feel like I'm still lacking quite a bit when it comes to coding.

Do you guys have any hard but not too hard ideas for projects or some suggestions of learning certain modules or whatever to put me in the direction of knowing and being able to program professionally. Our work uses PHP, java, and SQL in well so ive learned a little SQL and the basics of VBA due to working on access database.

I would appreciate the guidance, because I feel kind of lost with what to do next since my job isn't necessarily a programmer.