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"... struggling posting the excel input and output in correct format."

The following should help you in this regard:

I'm currently looking at the third version of your post. The block of text starting "input from an excel 195 ..." was originally absent, then appeared near the end, then moved to near the top. It's absolutely fine to edit your post; however, you need to provide advice on the modifications you have made — see "How do I change/delete my post?" for further discussion about this.

By the way, that block of text is virtually unintelligible as it stands. It's good that you are working on it. I'm aware that the "Edit" functionality is not as good as you get when first adding a post; especially the lack of a "Preview" option. I suggest you use your Private Scratchpad to get the formatting correct; then do a single update. In case you don't know, from your home node, it's the second "Edit" link in "Scratchpad: View, Edit, (Private: View, Edit)".

— Ken