in reply to Is there a concerted effort to break CPAN for older perl versions to drive support for v7?

As for me, i only use Perl versions that are still maintained. For some stuff, i decide early on that i want to use certain features of the latest version of Perl.

I know this might sound a bit harsh, but life is too short. If you want to run the latest versions of my published modules on a 12+ year old, unsupported version of Perl, why should i have the burden of backporting and testing against a Perl version that i will never again use for myself (and have banned from my systems because of all the unfixed security bugs). I would certainly be willing to explain what parts of my code do to help you make that backport. But otherwise, i'd rather spend my time writing new code and enhancing existing one.

I'm a software developer, not a museum curator.

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