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I've learned that SOAP is a relative of SMTP.

That's certainly not how I would phrase it. Perhaps you can explain how you think they are "relatives"?

Specifically, adiosing the lines:

The following optional modules were not available: * SOAP::Lite is not available. This module is required for the query() method. If you do not intend to use this method, SOAP::Lite is not needed. It is not necessary to install these now. If you decide to install the +m later, this software will make use of them when it finds them.

I never use Module::Build when I have the choice but it looks to me like that is Module::Build boilerplate. The only way you are going to remove this is to change the distribution's dependencies such that SOAP::Lite is no longer a recommended dependency.

Does the # commented line represent a test?

No. It is a diagnostic message output by the test script which is not part of TAP. You can safely ignore it if all your tests pass. I think this means we can safely bypass Q3, Q4 and Q5. :-)

Q6) Are there more subtle ways to do this?

Dear $DEITY I hope not. That's an unattended privilege escalation and is 100% asking for trouble. Don't even go there.