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I would guess that the "typical" Windows user of Perl would prefer the MSI version because it will automatically associate .pl files with perl.exe thereby allowing them to double-click the script to run it. (And sadly, many Windows users, probably even many who have enough skills to write a simple script in perl, or at least copy/paste it, wouldn't know how to do manual associations in Windows without an MSI or installer-exe to do it for them.)

Personally, I use one of the PDL-portable copies of Strawberry with manual file associations, because I like the double-click, but I really want all those extra math libraries that come in that bundle that aren't in the normal MSI or portable Strawberries.

"poke the bear"

I'd much rather that they keep their focus on figuring out how to build newer versions of perl, so that we could get strawberry versions of 5.34 and 5.36. (Commit messages from November seem to indicate they are at least working on 5.34, but it seems to have paused again.)