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Happy Holidays to you too! I remember there was a ter****st (bad man) whose iPhone was locked, and the FBI requested that Apple unlock it. Apple did not offer much help. The FBI had to figure out how to unlock it, and they succeeded. On the other hand, Twitter worked closely with the FBI to censure and ban political opponents to influence an election. I would not be surprised if similar things didn't happen behind the scenes involving Facebook, Google, and Apple. When it comes to politics, politics overrides all policies and all good judgment. And companies, since they are run by people, are not purely neutral entities. So, I just wanted to add that as a sidenote. Ultimately, security and protection and continuation of service are all subject to politics. For many years I trusted Facebook and Apple, but I think that it's better to have an open mind about what they can or might do in the future that involves security. I no longer trust these companies like before.