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I am trying to run a program using DBD and JDBC - So, when I ran the connection piece
use DBI; $dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:JDBC:hostname=$hostname;port=$port;url=$url", $user, $password);
It said "Can't locate Convert/" - So, I went to C:\Perl_Newest\bin and double clicked on the CPAN batch file. It brought me to a command shell. Then it asked if I wanted to overwrite the lock on the C:\Perl_New and I did. Then I typed in INSTALL CONVERT::BER and it listed off a series of error messages to exited out. Messages were saying no success in downloading C:\Perl_New\cpan\sources\authors\01mailrtctxt.... So - why is it referencing C:\Perl_New - when the CPAN is in C:\Perl_Newest? Also - how can I go about installing the CONVERT::BER ?