in reply to A Word Game (Update 3)

I think I see a minor bug.

For example, if I hack the code to add the following line after the my $curr_word = ... line:

$curr_word = 'QUOTE';
this has the affect of forcing a specific word, just for debug. When I run it, and guess the word "emote", it displays:
--- --- --- --- --- | E | | M | | O | | T | | E | --- --- --- --- ---
"M" shows up as gray, and "OTE" shows up as green, as expected.

However, the 1st "E" shows up as yellow. I interpret that to mean that the word should have 2 "E"'s. I expect the 1st "E" to be gray.

If I guess the word "smote", it displays the "S" as gray, as expected. Therefore, I think there is a problem when the guess has 2 of the same letter.

What do you think?