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Hi Monks, this is probably going to be a very quick and easy question to answer but i'm hoping for a bit of an explanation.

I've just started to get into testing my perl programs and looking into TDD

I've read the testing tutorials and the pages for Test::More and Test::Simple etc, and i totally understand the concept (i hope).

However, one thing i'm still not sure of might be more of a best practices type question..... A scenario..

Let's say i've written a perl program with classes and methods and subroutines and all that. I have a test program which tests all the class methods and the subroutines, but what about the "glue code" in between it all in the main program?

Does that make sense? In my main program, i've created a new object say, and then i might be getting some data from stdio and manipulating it with some code before passing it to an object method. How do i test all that other code in the main program? Or am i supposed to be coding everything in subroutines?

Apologies if this is a dumb question, any help appreciated!