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Cool. I use Getopt::Long for dealing with command line arguments, and in the past I have used Spreadsheet::ParseExcel for reading Excel spreadsheets. Both modules work very well.

OK, those are valid comments .. but it would be nice to see a link to the articles in which these claims are made, so that we can answer the specific issues that are raised. 1. Perl does a pretty good job or error handling (Try::Tiny comes to mind); 2. I'm not sure I understand how a function can be thought of as a second-class citizen; and 3. One of the things that Perl does an excellent job at is reporting. (I think reporting was one of the tasks it was used for, very early on). So at this point, I'd quote and say, "Citation(s) required".

If you want the most bang for the buck, I would suggest continuing with the language you already know (Perl) so that you can be as effective as possible at your job. If you have time after work, you could spend an hour here and there learning Python, starting off with simple programs, and perhaps moving on to more complicated tasks, such as parsing command line arguments.

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