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I appreciate all the responses here!

syphilis, do you have any documentation or details you could share with me in regards to the stuff you do build? Perhaps if I had a bit of an idea, it'll give me enough to put the rest of the puzzle together.



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Re^7: berrybrew version 1.36 released!
by etj (Hermit) on Nov 06, 2021 at 16:49 UTC
      Starting point:

      Its README says "Perl::Dist::Strawberry is just a helper module for the main script" - so that "main script" is probably also a part of the starting point.
      If someone knows what/where that main script is, then that info might also help stevieb.

        The complete sentence, from which you quoted, as it appears on the MetaCPAN page I linked to:

        Perl::Dist::Strawberry is just a helper module for the main script perldist_strawberry used for building Strawberry perl release packages (MSI, ZIP).</.i>

        The hyperlink is to the main script, within the distribution. I'm not quite sure how to help more than that ;-)

Re^7: berrybrew version 1.36 released!
by syphilis (Archbishop) on Nov 07, 2021 at 12:21 UTC
    syphilis, do you have any documentation or details you could share with me in regards to the stuff you do build ?

    As a general rule, I build the C libraries in an MSYS2 (bash) shell, following the usual unix approach of running:
    ./configure <args> make make test make install
    AFAIK, Strawberry do it the same way. (Well ... their builds are possibly scripted, whereas mine are mostly done manually.)
    And the gcc toolchain that builds these libraries is the same gcc toolchain that built perl.

    But the devil will always be in the detail - there might be a library that requires a slightly different mantra in order to build, so one needs to follow the procedure recommended by the vendor.
    And, of course, Strawberry has to be mindful of portability and relocatability issues whereas, building only for myself, portability and relocatability are rarely a consideration.

    At this late stage, if they're having trouble getting the libraries updated, I would be totally forgiving of the guys working on the Strawberry 5.34.0 releases if they just recycled the 5.32.1 releases, except that perl-5.32.1 be replaced with perl-5.34.0.
    And then start working towards getting the libraries and gcc toolchain updated for the 5.34.1 or 5.36.0 releases.

    Anyway ... 2 things I would recommend that you do are:
    1) Install MSYS2 and familiarize yourself with building some of those C libraries for Windows using a mingw-w64 port of gcc in that MSYS2 shell;
    2) Familiarize yourself with building perl from source on Windows.
    Perhaps you're already well on the way with one or both of those points. (I didn't mean to imply that I'm assuming you aren't ;-)
    If you need any assistance with any of the specifics, just let us know and I'll certainly respond.

    Recently, Strawberry Perl started building their gcc compiler from source.
    I don't think that's necessary - I think they could just grab one of the ones from winlibs.
    But I'm assuming there's no licensing issue in doing that. I don't know much about licensing, but the winlibs home page lists the licenses of the various components of the downloads provided.