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microsoft products being what they are, TIMTOWTHI (There Is More Than One Way To Hack It) applies. I am sure you will find a way to bypass it. My favourite from this extensive list is to run it via rundll32.exe gmake.dll,main. (most likely you don't have gmake.dll but you can create it in another machine). Can windows be that dumb? Computer says maybe (<<-youtube link)

also running it via cmd.exe may be another loophole: cmd /K "C:\SomeFolder\MyApp.exe"

bw, bliako

p.s. TIMTOWTHU (There Is More Than One Way To Hack Undoubtedly) and that's written on stone.

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Re^8: Windows installation woes
by marto (Cardinal) on Nov 04, 2021 at 11:13 UTC

    Such security policy limitations are often in place for very good reason. Circumventing such things may be technically possible however is almost always a bad idea, you could find yourself out of a job, or in legal trouble.

      Sure, your warning is valid. Loosing one's job because of challenging the status quo is one of the ways to keep society backwards and an ace up the sleeve of those who feel threatened by moving forward, i.e. away from the Caves.

      There's a funny story about 5 monkeys in a cage.

      OTOH, I never understood why a worker will risk sanity or health for pleasing (=making profit for) an employer who constraints them in such a way that work is impossible. Many posts in PM are along the motif: my system/sysadmin does not allow X, how to circumvent? . I am a sympathiser what can I say?

        This has nothing to do with employers preventing people from achieving their jobs, or 'constraining' staff for no good reason. In many environments there are all sorts of legal and regulatory compliance issues that require such restrictions to be in place by default. Advising people just to circumvent such things which have clearly been put in place for a reason, when there are likely processes in place to grant access to those who should have it, is not good advice.