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This sounds intriguing. I have VLC, but no idea how to access its API with Perl. Is there something published about this, such as a how-to guide or other documentation for the API?

As you might imagine, video quality is not my first concern. I would even be content at this point with an audio-only connection, though I do think we should have sufficient bandwidth at the server for a couple of video streams. The internet in the LDC (Least Developed Country) is paid by bandwidth usage, so video costs considerably more than audio. I think it's about a dollar per gigabyte of usage--which adds up, especially on the local economy in which the average income is under $100 a month. Internet saturation is not high--with only about 20% of the population estimated to be online.

I've been attempting to install Jitsi but have run into some snags. I have yet to find any solution that will work with the older platforms.